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Black Prosperity Agenda (BPA)



To advance public policy reforms that bring meaningful change across our systems of care that have historically harmed Black Health, Wealth, and Prosperity.


We will bring change through legislative and partnership strategies to move the needle in unlocking the full potential of Black and low-income communities of color: Health, Wealth, Housing, and Education.


1/88th = Average Black wealth as compared to average white Household wealth in California. In order to overcome historic inequities and improve the lives of Black Californians, we must address the various systems that have led to a lack of Black wealth. Black Californians make up less than 6% of the state, hold approximately $4,000 in household wealth, as compared to more than $355,000 for typical white households. This is bigger than jobs. We need systemic reforms that reduce barriers to wealth creation, and promote opportunities to achieve it such as financial services reform, new opportunities for housing and homeownership, stable career pathways, and significant debt reduction in several areas (student loans, healthcare, and other debt).

BLC Legislative Priorities and Support Bills

The 2021 Black Prosperity Wealth Agenda


Health disparities and social determinants of health must be addressed to improve lives of Black Californians. Healthcare debt is still the leading cause of bankruptcy in America, and Black Californians are no exception. Healthcare access and treatment are just one side of the equation for Black Prosperity, and must be met with systemic changes to improve care, treatment, prevention, and financial sustainability for our most vulnerable populations.

BLC Legislative Priorities and Support Bills

COVID‐19 Vaccine Distribution Sites in Low‐Income Communities — A Letter of Support to Governor Newsom

Letter of Support ‐ SB 17 (Pan et al) Public Health Crisis: Racism


California is the epicenter of a global housing crisis – one that hits Black Californians the most. We must work to reverse the effects of redlining practices, and make other changes to ensure Black residents can afford to live in our state and connected to jobs, communities, socio-economic supports.

BLC Legislative Priorities and Support Bills

The 2021 Black Prosperity Housing Agenda


Education equity means Black Californians should be supported in our schools, communities, and institutions to achieve social and economic progress. Numerous approaches should be embedded, which include access to financial health and prosperity metrics for not only our children, but also their families.

BLC Legislative Priorities and Support Bills

The 2021 Black Prosperity Education Agenda

Black Prosperity Defined

We define the Black Prosperity Agenda as increased household wealth, access to equitable systems of care, and the ability to compete in the modern economy for Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). We define equitable systems of care as systems of housing, education, and healthcare that are free of systemic and historic racism, and free of institutional barriers based on race, class, color and/or zip code.

Some of the specific elements of the BPA include:

  • Expand access to affordable banking and homeownership opportunities
  • Streamline and expand public benefits
  • Eliminate all court-imposed debt tied to inability to pay
  • Eliminate all healthcare debt
  • Establish “healthcare home” for all to access critical and preventive care for physical and behavioral health
  • Support remediation of food deserts
  • Support proven financial health and asset-building strategies for low-moderate income families
  • Establish streamlined employment pathways for the Black unemployed population